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Sewer Line Replacement

Don’t Let Sewer and Water Line Issues Ruin Your Day!

If you find traffic jams annoying, imagine the frustration of dealing with a backed-up sewer or water line! Numerous factors can cause blockages or damage, turning a minor inconvenience into a major headache.

Common Culprits for Line Issues

  1. Soil and Freezing Ground:

    • Causes pipe cracks or collapses, disrupting water and sewer lines.
  2. Build-Up of Debris:

    • Accumulation of grease, paper, waste, and foreign objects hinders proper flow.
  3. Time-Induced Problems:

    • Pipe corrosion and breaks in seals can occur over time.
  4. Root Infiltration:

    • Tree and shrub roots entering sewer lines can lead to cracks and drainage problems.
    • Roots grow and expand, forming a clog with toilet paper, debris, and grease.

Root Infiltration Risks

  • Roots enter sewer lines from joints, creating a hair-like mass that accumulates debris.
  • As roots grow, pressure builds on the pipe, eventually causing cracks and drainage issues.

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Don’t let sewer and water line issues disrupt your routine. Trust our experienced team to address these challenges promptly and efficiently.

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