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Garbage Disposals

Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen

Garbage disposal is a convenient addition to any home, offering an efficient way to dispose of leftovers without creating unpleasant odors or attracting bugs. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right garbage disposal for your kitchen:

Types of Garbage Disposals

  1. Continuous-Feed Models:

    • Pros: Easy to use, allows continuous disposal of waste.
    • Cons: Can pose safety risks for small hands, and may allow debris to fly out.
  2. Batch-Feed Models:

    • Pros: Safer option, especially for families with kids.
    • Cons: Takes more time to use, as you load waste before activating.

Balancing Convenience and Safety

  • Choose between continuous-feed and batch-feed models based on your preferences and safety considerations.
  • Ensure the power switch is mounted safely, and use the stopper to shield the drain for added safety.

Weighing Warranty Against Price

  • Consider the warranty period, but be aware that it doesn’t guarantee a longer life.
  • Longer warranties may make some models costlier, so balance your budget with the warranty period.

Consider Your Food Waste

  • Even a ½-hp motor can handle bones and softer waste.
  • Opt for a more powerful ¾-hp or 1-hp model if your kitchen waste includes tougher items to prevent clogged plumbing traps.

Installation Tips

  • Most disposers offer quick-mount necks for DIY installation.
  • For heavier models (¾- and 1-hp), consider seeking assistance, as they may require a two-person installation.

Expert Assistance for Your Garbage Disposal Needs

Trust our expertise to help you choose, install, and maintain the perfect garbage disposal for your kitchen.

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